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Grigori Galitsin
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Galitsin News - you won't stay insensitive both to dazzling professional models, visitors love, who demonstrated clearly their feminity, relaxedness and experience, and beginners who combine lack of experience, shyness and innocence. Just models from splendiferous south city of Russia Volgograd, appearance of which absorbed best features of different nations as a consequence of historical assimilation; and boundless giftedness of the Master give to works the unique aroma of delicacy that true connoisseur of fine art erotic esteem.

Grigori Galitsin is a world-renowned photographer from Volgograd, Russia. His work has appeared on numerous websites and magazines for many years and it is universally respected as pure, pristine, and sensuous. In many ways, Grigori Galitsin is a pioneer of a certain style of photography - we like to call it "romantic." His young models are always beautiful, his settings are idyllic, the moods his photos evoke are soft, sensuous, and somewhat mystical. A Galitsin photo seems almost lifted out of our dreams. Grigori has been involved in art in one way or another most of his life. Working in painting, video, and photography, he has tirelessly expressed his vision of a purer, more sumptuous world. He was the winner of the Master Kodak Exhibition in 1997.

Grigori Galitsin, born in December 1957 in the region of the Black Sea, visited the Academy Of Arts in St. Petersburg and lives now in Volgograd. The academy imparted a good knowledge to him but also spoiled his pleasure in painting nudes. After 6 years of practice it became boring routine. Through photography it came to another approximation to the presentation of the human nude. He thinks, that his grandfather has predestined his way as an artist when he bought a Leica camera from the German army in 1947. His exhibitions meet with international response.

There is always someone ahead of others in any human endeavor. Been the first is admirable. Galitsin first published his images in 1996 on the best erotic website of that time. This site was created by a poet, philosopher, photographer, women admirer and an eminent person. Since Galitsin's shots were published the income of this website has been continually increasing. Even now this site is the sample of style purity.

Galitsin started working with another site in 1998. It dominated erotic art in recent years. This story is amusing and instructive. It is worth being told. It sure will be told. Two great men met - a great producer and a great photographer. They gave life to a rapidly growing website. Many of Galitsin's ideas were used on that site. All headbands, design ideas and banners were based on the best of Galitsin's shoots. Models like Katia, Julia and Valentina became the favorites of those, who worship beauty and innocence. Many series became exemplars and started a new standard in the art of erotica. Over 25 photographers are working there now, but subscribers keep asking for more new shots.

The glaring attention always follows the ones who go ahead of others. The leader is attacked because he is the leader. All attempts of coming up to him only proved his leading hand. It does not matter if a person and his shots are ahead of competition, he has eternal companions - jealousy and envy. When attempts of catching up and excelling fail, the blame and accusations take place. There is nothing new to it. It is as ancient as the world. 25 Mona Lisa duplications won't substitute the original. These are unavailing efforts.

In 2002 Grigory Galitsin started the website of his own. The name "Galitsin" became the brand in the world of erotic photography. Galitsin's name made his website to flourish. Experts called Galitsin “the Tsar of erotic photography” and his works “Creme-de-la-Creme of Russian Erotica”. But his shoots are famous for expanding the established boundaries. The fire of creation, the fire from within cannot be contained in a gas-burner.

GALITSIN-NEWS differs from commercial website as it's a personal Galitsin's site. To follow the spirit of Galitsin's shots the best crew of Russian designers and programmers gathered in the country, famous for its programmers and designers. Galitsin personally selected every series and each shot. There are no copies and no duplicates, only the originals. The real leadership is also based on good partnership.

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