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Asked about his biography, Ralf Vulis once said, "I have no biography. I was born sometime and there's really nothing special to say about that. It happened exactly 43 years after the October Revolution, so my skin is already 37 years old now. Sometime or other I went to kindergarten, then to school, but all of that seemed pretty rotten to me. Afterwards I was supposed to serve in the Red Army, but I told them I wasn't yet ready to do that. I preferred to cut out pictures of naked girls and paste them onto photos of Soviet soldiers."

Vulis studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts in Riga, where his wild antics and photo montages - which were extremely provocative under the then-prevailing, prudish, Soviet regime - repeatedly caused trouble. At some point, the Red Army reappeared and tried again to draft him for military service. Fortunately, he was able to avoid the army by moving to the countryside, keeping a low profile, and earning a meager living as a teacher of drawing. What else has happened in his life? He traveled by train from west to east through the entire Soviet Union, from Riga to Vladivostok and back again; he drank too much and felt rather miserable and aimless.

The big change in his life came in 1988 when he and a friend organized the first "Miss Riga" beauty contest. The two men rented a gymnasium, and for an entire week, as many as 50 girls a day came to pose for them. He was fascinated. Crowds of young, pretty Latvian girls really had nothing else in their heads except displaying their physical charms, naturally and unashamedly, in the hope of winning the title of Miss Riga. Some of the models even came escorted by their proud mothers. That was the breakthrough. After that experience, he suddenly realized what it was that he had always wanted to do: take photographs of saucy, pretty girls. There was only one problem: back then, he didn't even own a camera. He saved some money and bought his first camera - a Yashica, which he somehow managed to lose the very next year. That was just about the stupidest thing that ever happened to him. Another two years would pass before he would again have enough money to buy another camera and again be able to devote himself to his passion: taking erotic portraits of his beloved Latvian girls in crazy, sometimes kitschy poses.

When he sees a girl whom he thinks would make a good subject, he simply walks up and introduces himself: on the sidewalk, in a café, on the beach, anywhere and everywhere. Incidentally, Ralf Vulis is convinced that the prettiest girls in the world are to be found in Latvia. Although Latvia was formerly part of the huge Soviet empire, the Latvians never really belonged to the Soviet Union and have always preserved a certain independence and identity. That also characterizes Vulis and his style: he and his photos result from generations of ideas which have permeated into and influenced his country. Vulis freely admits that "I really don't have any style of my own. It's unpredictable. It changes every day. I shoot photos just the way I feel. My girls stretch themselves sensually and unabashedly on a kitschy sofa, in a subterranean boiler-room, or in an old kitchen. Fun and spontaneity are what matter most."

In "Crazy Sexy Girls," his first book, Vulis above all wanted to show that nude models can also have a lot of fun while they're working. Nude models in most Western magazines pose in ways which seem to show that the women view posing as an extremely serious business. Vulis' girls, on the other hand, are entirely different, and that's what his book is all about - Latvian girls and their carefree naturalness. "You really ought to visit Latvia and convince yourself firsthand," Ralf Vulis advises. The best time to visit the old Hanseatic city of Riga is during the summer, especially July and August. As far as gastronomy is concerned, Riga now offers everything one's heart (or palette) could desire: from Russian vodka bars and Irish pubs to popular sidewalk cafés - the city's nicest places to flirt. "Everyone should come to Riga," Ralf Vulis says, "get to know the people, the country, and our famous hospitality. And buy my books!"

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